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The Challenge to Transport Behavioral Health Patients

It is definitely a challenge to transport behavioral health patients. These individuals may experience anxiety while traveling to their destinations, especially to their scheduled appointments or to behavioral health facilities.

​Secure Patient Delivery aims to provide behavioral health patients a comfortable and safe ride towards their respective destinations. We have vehicles carefully designed to meet the transportation needs of these individual,

The Advocate posted A new article yesterday 8-22-2021 that explains those challenges N.O. offers new response to mental health crises By WWL-TV A new experimental program in New Orleans aims to improve emergency response for people having a mental health crisis and to free up police officers to address crime. The alternative dispatch pilot program gives 911 dispatchers the option to bring a mental health counselor into the loop on emergency calls to help the caller. ''The concept is simple,'' Health Director Jennifer Avegno said. ''When your house is on fire, you call 911 and get the Fire Department. When there is a violent incident, you get our fine New Orleans Police Department. If you're having a heart attack, you want (Emergency Medical Services). ''What we don't have, and where the emergency system falls apart, is when it's an emergency outside those specific types.'' Now when someone calls 911, the Metropolitan Human Services District can be brought onto the call to help determine the response. The program is still in its pilot stage but could expand throughout Louisiana. In a recent week, dispatchers received 38 calls that were redirected to a trained mental health counselor. ''Deploying our other agencies simply does not meet the needs of that person or their family,'' Avegno said, ''and in some cases can actually make things worse.'' New Orleans officials hope the program will better serve the community and let the police focus on stopping violent crime. However, police officers will still be trained in crisis intervention. ''We remain committed to this training,'' Police Superintendent Shaun Ferguson said. ''We are excited. We will continue to work with our public safety partners.''

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